If you shop at Tom Thumb, you’re probably familiar with the Just for U app or the website. It’s infuriating to use isn’t it? It takes you 20 minutes or more to scroll through and click the coupons. Who has time for that? Well, I thought the same thing and failed at figuring out how to write the jquery or javascript to accomplish this. But this guy didn’t: https://github.com/nishnet2002/Safeway-Just-for-u

There are multiple ways to run this code, but since I use Firefox as my main browser, I ran this code in the Console on the add-on/extension named Firebug. So login to your Tom Thumb just for u account on tomthumb.com, go to the coupon page, view all coupons on one page, right click anywhere on the page, select “Inspect Element with Firebug”, click the “Console” tab, copy the below code, paste it on the right side of Firebug’s two column screen, click “Run” and it will select and click all coupons that have not already been added to your account. :)

javascript:(function(e,a,g,h,f,c,b,d){if(!(f=e.jQuery)||g>f.fn.jquery||h(f)){c=a.createElement("script");c.type="text/javascript";c.src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/"+g+"/jquery.min.js";c.onload=c.onreadystatechange=function(){if(!b&&(!(d=this.readyState)||d=="loaded"||d=="complete")){h((f=e.jQuery).noConflict(1),b=1);f(c).remove()}};a.documentElement.childNodes[0].appendChild(c)}})(window,document,"1.7.2",function($,L){function OfferProcessor(c,f){var d=c;var b=0;var a=f;var e="/Clipping1/services/clip/offers";return{processOffers:function(l){var p=l.offers;var n=0;for(var m=0;m 0){alert("J4U - Added "+f+" 'Coupon Center' coupons and \n "+g+" 'Personalized Deals' Coupons. \n Please reload the page.")}};c.setCallback(a);b.process();e.process();d.process()});});

The creator of this amazing code also has an app you can download onto your phone for $2 to do this work for you. Click the link to his page above to see how to get that.


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