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Understanding How A Graphic Designer Works

Working with a graphic designer is nothing like hiring someone to mow your lawn, build you a fence, or fix your leaky faucet. Working with a graphic designer requires direction, content, and input from you, the client. Directions are usually in the form of telling the designer what you need designed, such as an 8.5×11 tri-fold brochure. Content you need to supply may be text, images, logos, etc. And input is the act of approving the design process at every step the designer requires.

Unlike a landscaper, fence builder, or plumber, you cannot simply tell a designer “I need a brochure designed, how much do you charge?” and be done with the process. You have to be detailed – you have to say exactly what type of brochure, tell the designer what content you’ll be supplying, and let the designer calculate how much work may be involved in the project before he can come up with a price. Once you put money down, you will need to be a part of the approval process to get to the final result you want.

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